Welcome To Bahhb Blog

This entry is mainly a test to get a feel for the workings of this site.I am basically computer ignorant.I am lucky that I can even turn the damn thing on.

Anyway……welcome to my blog,where I hope to speak my mind and add some humor to what I see as a world lacking it in many ways.

All of my posts will not be funny,sometimes I will be mad as hell,sometimes I may just wish to share something interesting or exiting to me.

I am NOT an English major,in fact I have little education beyond high school,so if you feel the need to correct my grammar or sentence structure or whatever,please go elsewhere and do so.I realize I am not perfect,but my goal is to make a point not become a professional writer.


About bahhb66

I am a 45 Year old guy living in Oregon. I am employed in medical manufacturing. I am a huge football fan I love to fish In most cases I lean left politically,but in a few cases I can be extremely right wing. I created this Blog to have a place to vent my daily frustrations and hopefully add some humor to other peoples day.
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