Todays Opinion

Mitt Romney is an embarrassing idiot.Much like the former republican president we endured most recently,this candidate shows the entire world how absurd,stupid,petty,and hateful we can be here in the good old U.S of A.

I shouldn’t feel shame about the person leading the country,I should feel pride.This country in many ways is the greatest country on earth,and yet sometimes we do incredibly ignorant things,such as elect and the re-elect a man who failed at everything he ever did including trying to run a country.Romney isn’t the failure the previous fella was,in fact he has been successful,BUT….much of his success is owed to being a member of the lucky sperm club,and an ability to totally screw entire communities and the people in them without even the slightest feeling of remorse.

If we decide to elect yet another buffoon,we will almost certainly return to the gilded age,where a handful of people own everything and the rest of us toil crushing poverty.Fortunately for me,I am old and wont likely be around to see the worst of it,but I do feel bad for the young people of today.

Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past,but allow ourselves the courtesy of making new ones.


About bahhb66

I am a 45 Year old guy living in Oregon. I am employed in medical manufacturing. I am a huge football fan I love to fish In most cases I lean left politically,but in a few cases I can be extremely right wing. I created this Blog to have a place to vent my daily frustrations and hopefully add some humor to other peoples day.
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